The first time I read ‘Wuthering Heights’ I had to stop for about 20 minutes to take in the fact that they named him Heathcliff Heathcliff


You have to know that Mako Mori’s internal monologue is the greatest thing on the planet.


Peach-faced Lovebird and Galah

Chapter 197: Passing Each Other By


Natsume Yuujinchou - Screencaps redraw using watercolors and pencil - by me




People know that it’s okay to just write the character’s name, right? It’s less annoying than constantly reading things like ‘the smaller man’, ‘the white haired boy’, ‘their female companion’, and ‘the bluenette’.

they’re called “Epithets” and they’re the work of satan, probably

It’s such a bad and annoying device too.

Some words are like oxygen, you only notice when they aren’t there:

"But Professor of Care of Magical creatures," the inky haird wizard cried, with tears in his occular receptors, "no one asked me to the Ball! Me! The Boy Who Lived!"

The half-giant looked down at the short-arsed billion best seller of books, and traced the lightning scar on his forehead with a great sausage of a digit. “Oh chosen one of prophecy,” the man of Brobdinagian stature mumbled into his beard, “if only there was someone who loved you.”

Sparks of emotion flooded the protagonist’s orbs and filled the hairy biker cosplayer’s heart with an equally tumultuous flood: “Oh dear sempai,” the short scruffy orphan implored beseechingly, “if only the Potions Professor returned my feelings!”


9 Pictures of Robin | Zone Manga | D.Gray-man Chapter 0.0

For traitorousakuma

My phone’s not working properly. I haven’t done anything to it. I haven’t dropped it or anything.

It’s new. It should be working perfectly.


yullen for a friend…hope every thing’s ok your side now!

allen and kanda in their training attire in the black order. allen’s pulling kanda towards him.

i initially wanted to draw allen sitting on kanda…rough turned out weird anatomically, so had to ditch it TvT;;;!