I took that personality test again and I’m an INFP now???



Imagine your icon approaching you while you’re eating and just taking your entire plate of food then disapearing without a trace.


Series 3 Woodsman Semi-automatic Pistol ☆*・゜゚・*ヾ(´▽`)ゝ
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…pssst, drag it. 


she told me that we’re going to live together for our own sake, but she still left me behind”

Oh man, I care about Historia a lot. idk Rose we might have to fight. I agree with you about the Levi thing though. I literally do not care about Levi at all. Well, sometimes I hate him, but mostly I just don’t care.

No. No fighting. Historia is fine but I’ve never thought about her much? I concentrated on other characters. She’s very cute though.

I don’t mind Levi, but the hype over him really annoys me and most of the time the fandom gets his character way off. And him being an Ackerman was really predictable. All of the plot twists tend to be really predictable. Why.

Well, I actually like the entire 104th a lot, just not in the context of the series… I guess I’m reading because I care what happens to Annie and Ymir, and to see how Historia and Mikasa are doing.

Me too sort of. I like most of them. Sasha is great and Connie and Armin too and okay I really like Eren. Historia’s okay. Not especially fond of Jean but he’s not too bad. Never got attached to either Bertolt or Reiner.

But Annie, Mikasa, and Ymir are important okay? The others don’t matter as much.