I’m getting a new computer on Tuesday!! Mum said she’d buy it for me so long as I pay her back when I can.

My laptop’s stopped charging so I’m gonna go and read for a bit and then sleep and hope it’ll work better tomorrow.


Fu Bao hugs his mother Yang Yang at Zoo Vienna (Austria) on March 30, 2014.

© Vera Le Bail.

as a kid i only went for ~canon~ relationships, so i was very into harry/ginny. i’ve never read much fanfiction - ‘frequented’ was an exaggeration - but i do remember that website. i wonder if it’s still up…

I don’t know. I tried to look it up and didn’t find anything.

I hardly ever paid attention to romance in the books as a kid to be honest, so I wasn’t very into any pairings. I don’t really care about canon, and the only canon relationship I totally agree with is Ron/Hermione. I can never seem to read fanfic for those two though.


"ah yes the MOST RARE invisibility cloak, used to thwart death himself and be utterly undetectable"

*harry sweats and remembers using it to spy on hagrid smoochin maxime*

as a kid i frequented the ginny potter website for fanfiction… lmao… it was odd though because it wasn’t all harry/ginny - it was everything? well, it doesn’t matter now, i guess.

I didn’t even know there was Ginny Potter website. But nah I didn’t start reading fanfiction until last year unless you count those what would your life be like in the Harry Potter universe quizzes I’d do as a kid when I was bored.

are there even any good fics in the dgm fandom :’)

Not really.

Maybe a few but mostly they’re either absolutely horrible or no better than okay.

I feel like I should reread all the fics on my fic recs pages so I can make sure none of them are terrible because I’ve already ended up deleting three fics I’d thought were good at first but turned out to be really bad from there. I don’t think any of the ones that are left are too bad but still.

for a system, rather than functioning perfectly, it’s more important that people continue to believe that it is perfect.

"We’re always aiming for a better society."